Cally is an excellent rider that has been mounted shooting for over a year.  Her and her horses are doing very well!  Cally is Karen’s daughter!  She has already won several buckles!!

Video of Cally and Dolly at practice!


This is our son-in-law Chad, married to Cally! He and Pistol have proven to be really tuff competition.  They are a team that seems to fly!!  Chad has also won several buckles and has moved up to Men’s level 2!

Video is of them at Worlds 2016!!

Mike M.

Mike is the ranch foreman at the Double Bar KZ.  He is also an assistant trainer that gets to ride a lot of different horses at the national level!!  Here he is with Jewell.

Video is riding Woody at Worlds

Lori L.

Lori L. is married to Mike L. They are are good friends and neighbors!!   She and her horse Rolo are really picking up the pace this year and the competition knows it!

Video of Lori n Rolo workin it at the DBKZ!

Mike L.

Mike just started riding in 2015. He and his horse Cody are rippin up the circuit!  What a fast team and the only way they will go is up!!

Video of Mike n Cody rippin it up at the KZ!


This lovely lady happens to be Karen’s mother.  Her and her horse Apache are becoming a great team and love to ride together!! Mom has already won her first SL1 buckle!!

Video is them practicing at the Double Bar KZ!


Karen is a 3 time divisional World Champion in Mounted Shooting.  She also has won numerous National titles.  She is the Trainer at the Double Bar KZ Ranch, taking our stock and proving its value!!!

This video is of Karen and Tuff at Worlds 2016!

Dan R.

Dan has been riding with the KZ Renegades for some time now. He and his horse Chip are moving up the ladder fast!

This video is of Dan practicing at the DBKZ.

Double Bar KZ Ranch

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KZ Renegades

The Double Bar KZ Ranch hosts a CMSA affiliated club called the KZ Renegades.  This is a special group of people that get together and practice 3-4 times a week.  It is all about the horse, training, and conditioning….with a little shooting thrown in for fun!!

Click on the Pictures for Video!

Rob B.

Rob is a real Renegade!  And even though he and his wife Shelley live up north a ways, they are KZ Renegades!

The video is of Rob at US Winters in Vegas 2017.


Colt is 10 years old and is excited about this sport called Mounted Shooting.

Here he is at an Oregon shoot, Wrangler.


Cash is 4 years old and is enjoying his horses!  Both he and his brother Colton are competing in the Wrangler Division.

Video is of Cash practicing at the DBKZ.

KZ  Renegades