Karen Smith’s Mounted Shooting

Three World Championships

One Reserve World Championship

One U.S. National Championship

Six National Championships

Two years National High Point Leader

2016 CMSA Classic Wild Ride SL3 Champion

               + Overall Senior Lady Champion

               + Reserve Overall Women’s Champion

2016 CMSA World Championships SL3 World Championship

2015 CMSA Sun Circuit Shootout SL2 Champion

               + Overall Senior Lady

               + Ladies Div A Shootout Winner

2015 CMSA Bishop US Winter SL2 National Championship

               + Ladies Div A Senior Incentive Winner

               + Ladies Div A Double Down Winner

2015 CMSA SL2 Jeffers National Champion

               + Ladies Div A Senior Incentive Winner

2015 CMSA SL3 US Western Champion

               + Ladies Div A Senior Incentive Winner

2014 CMSA ATP Circle the Wagons SL1 Divisional Winner

2014 CMSA SL1 Bishops National Winter Champion

2014 LPNP MSA Western National Champion

2014 LPNP MSA National Champion

2014 LPNP MSA High Point Champion

2014 CMSA Worlds Senior Incentive Reserve Champion

2014 CMSA SL2 Reserve World Champion

2014 LPNP MSA World Champion

2013 CMSA SL1 Wrangler High Point Leader

2013 CMSA SL1 World Champion

2013 CMSA ATP Holiday Shoot SL1 Divisional Winner

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Karen Smith has been training horses for over 40 years.  Originally her interests involved dressage and reining training.  In 2010 Karen and her daughter Cally took four of the Oregon Reining Horse Association Year End Reining buckles, and a 3rd Place national win in Non-Pro Foundation Quarter Horse, the horses were trained by Karen from birth.  She has taken the lessons learned in those disciplines and applied them to mounted shooting.  

Her style of riding requires a balanced rider that maintains a frame and is in contact with the horses mouth via the bit to maintain control only.   All turning commands are given with the riders seat or legs, the horse is always going forward (even backing up).

Karen believes the real test of a trainer is the reproduction of the product, be it the horse or the rider.  The Double Bar KZ Ranch is just hitting a production stage of breeding, specifically designed for this sport and is starting to have horses available to the public.

Double Bar KZ Ranch